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Dominic Woodson suspended

Memphis forward Dominic Woodson was kicked off the Tigers' bench during the second half against UCF, and Josh Pastner said after the game that the freshman has been suspended indefinitely, and will not travel to Connecticut.

"He will be suspended indefinitely until I decide to bring him back," Pastner said. "No one is bigger than the program. That's just the bottom line."

Pastner said in his post game press conference that he did not like some of the language that Woodson was using on the bench during that game, and that he will not allow that to continue during games. Although Woodson this is not the first time that Woodson has been warned about his mouth and was not directing the cursing at anyone specifically, Pastner refused to put up with it any longer.

"If you are going to use that, you are going to go use it in the locker room," Pastner explained. "You are not going to to use it on my bench, so I said 'see ya.' He definitely won't travel to UConn."

Still, Pastner said made it clear that Woodson has made strides this year, in that he made over a 3.0 GPA in his first semester, and is a wonderful young man. Woodson has some work to do in some different areas, but Pastner reiterated his belief that the freshman will be a big time contributor down the road.

"These are just parts of things that he has got to learn," Pastner stressed. "The hardest thing for someone to do is change, and he has changed for the good. It's just going to take some time. He will be suspended indefinitely until I decided that he has learned his lesson to come back."

As most of you know, Pastner never curses, and said that due to the fact that there are young women and fans around the bench, Woodson must watch his mouth. Pastner clearly will not tolerate cursing, and it was obviously bad enough on Wednesday night that he sent Woodson to the locker room early.

"He just has to learn to control his words," Pastner said. "For Dominic Woodson, this is bigger than the game. It's for life. Sometimes if the behavior doesn't change, consequences need to be more severe. This will help Dominic in the long run."

One of the reason that Woodson ended up in Memphis is because his inner circle knew that he needed guidance, and Pastner has an excellent track record for instilling change in young men. It won't be easy, but if there is a guy for the job, it is Josh Pastner.

"We are going to give him the guidance, and be there with him through thick and thin," Pastner stressed. "Part of that is discipline."

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